gtx 1080 ti

  1. pepeluis

    Aorus GTX 1080 TI F2 Bios

    Hi does anybody have the F1 or F2 version of aorus gtx 1080ti xtreme 11g? (GV-N108TAORUS X-11GD) i recently updated Bios to F3 version and screen now flashes randomly. I cant believe that.
  2. lloydcars18

    Bottleneck with a GTX 1080 TI and R7 1700

    So as you can see from my Signature i have the below system although today i stumbled upon a GTX 1080 TI Strix OC edition for 400 pounds brand new in box and was to good a deal to say no to i was originally saving up 500 ish for a RTX 2070 and then upgrading to a Ryzen 4000 series CPU next year...
  3. lostone98

    What 4k monitor would you recommend to go with the gtx 1080 ti

    kind regards
  4. Gannonator

    BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144Hz & GTX 1080Ti HELP.

    Hello everyone, I recently got a new PC with the lovely GTX 1080Ti in it, however it seems that it does not support 144hz? Or at least the adapter that ships with the GPU does not support it, I am a little confused however as to what I need? I am not exactly tech savvy but from what I can gather...
  5. Reinhardt

    KFA2 GTX 1080Ti Hall Of Fame Pre-Order

    Is the GPU you're selling this? : The picture is not same so im wondering if its gona be that. If it is maybe you should update the picture of the product?even tho we not sure its gona...
  6. Chucky1892

    First (4K gaming)

    Hi all, Looking to build my first gaming pc. Have considered one of the pre-builds and have played about with customisation, but I'm sure I can build something just as good for cheaper myself. Only problem is, I don't really know what I'm looking for lol. So - anyone interested in helping a...
  7. subbytna

    **Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Thread** Heavily hinting that there is something in the pipeline. Dunno if a 1080Ti would be faster than Pascal Titan like the previous gen cards were. Would Nvidia let that happen yet again?
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