hdr 1000

  1. Fabrix2005

    Best Available Gaming Monitor 27-32 Inch 4K HDMI2.1 120hZ

    So I've been looking for a while now as my current MacBook Pro and Xbox Series X Setup I have been running Two 32 Inch Samsung U32H850 QLED Monitors and have served me well for video editing light browsing and Xbox Gaming. However now that console gaming is now supported up to 4k 120hz I wanted...
  2. Mr Big

    ACER X35 OR LG 38GL950G 38 inch UltraGear

    I will be selling my current monitor which is the Asus Rog PG348Q, I will be placing an order for the ACER X35 OR LG 38GL950G 38-inch Ultra Gear. I know and I am aware of the flickering on the Acer X35 but who knows will Acer fix this flickering with a driver or firmware update but my question...
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