1. Quartz

    How is this spammer spoofing my email?

    I've lately - for the past week or so - been getting 'I recorded you' spam. And I'm wondering how they succeed in getting it through. How do they get the emails to pass SPF and DMARC. I know there are some email experts here. Here are the headers: I've bolded the egregious bits. Whois says...
  2. RLC

    Connectors on KFA2 RTX 2070 Super

    Hi, Can anyone identify these connectors on my KFA2 RTX 2070 Super? The manual doesn't mention them and I can't find much on Google. Thanks in advance! https://ibb.co/rGjSQDD
  3. Zig13

    AM4 Motherboard Advice Please

    So I am using raisonjohn's awesome sortable AM4 Motherboard database to find the right motherboard for my requirements (i.e. to properly support my Silverstone PM02 case): 4+ System Fan Headers 2xUSB3.0 Headers Intel Ethernet Full ATX I intend to get a 2nd Generation Ryzen 5 2600 so, as I...
  4. G

    Internal Male USB Headers (PCIe)

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