1. lost0ne33

    Audio setup for gaming desktop (with quality hi-fi gear)

    Would like a setup recommendation and needs to be quite powerful with class D amplifier (with headphone and speaker amp) This what a came up with, Cyrus ONE HD Integrated Amplifier or PS Audio Sprout 100 Integrated Amplifier and Monitor Audio Radius 90 speakers. Budget £1300, (to cut price...
  2. MaNNY13

    Best headphone for competitive games FPS 300-400€£

    Hi, I'm looking for upgrading my headphones. Focusing only on gaming, mostly FPS like Call of Duty. I'm currently with sennheiser 350se, conected to the mother board ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming and for positional audio is just OK. After researching I would like to know if Audio-Technica...
  3. Blueyoshi03

    Need help deciding on bass focused headphones for Music/Gaming

    TL:DR I want a good sound stage and bass but am unsure what to buy So I'm currently using Hyperx Alpha headphones and a Soundblaster Z soundcard. The quality is good and using the equaliser I can really crank the bass where it even physical shakes the headphones, but I always get a sense of...
  4. Blueyoshi03

    Confused on Bluetooth wireless headphones

    So I want to buy a high-end pair of wireless headphones like the Sony XM3's or Nuraphones, but these type of headphones seem to want to be wired into a PC if your not using the phone app. However this is where I begin to get a little confused and have questions. I already have a soundcard which...
  5. Guest2

    Headphone ear cup size

    I have never bothered with headphones because they have always made my ears really warm or just hurt. Despite reviews saying "They are really comfy..." everyone has different sized ears. They can be the best sounding headphones in the world but if they hurt your ears after 5 minutes, what's the...
  6. xXRamzyXx

    Headphone Microphone Jack not Working When Plugged

    Hey! I just bought a new headset with a mic, they're one of the cheaper ones called "Piranha Gaming Headset HP70" when I plug the headphone jack and the mic jack only the mic works and there is no sound on the headphones. I ticked the option "Disable front panel jack detection" but it still...
  7. kisserik93

    Gamer headset with microphone

    Dear forum Users! I want to buy a new gamer headset. In a few sentences I describe what I want. - I will use headphones for games, music, and video. - I would like a Circumaural headphones - It would be grateful if the headphones has a built in microphone - Price max. 150 £ Which headphones...
  8. -gamblingbulldog.com

    The best bluetooth headphones markets offer?

    Dear fellow sound lovers, So yes, that´s the question. Budget, maybe few hundred quids. Thanks in advance, gamblingbulldog
  9. Dóminion

    Is there an efficient way to switch between 2.1 speakers and a headset with mic?

    Hey all, As the title suggests I want an easy way to switch between a 2.1 speaker set and my headphone with mic without unplugging anything. I am currently unable to use my front panel mic input and would prefer not also. What I'm looking for is a way to take all my audio from the onboard sound...
  10. dacads

    [Review] Fostex HP-A4 DAC Headphone Amp [Review]

    Fostex HP-A4 DAC Headphone Amplifier Review Well well well, what do we have here then.. the Fostex HP-A4 DAC & Headphone Amplifier :) I did promise a review long ago, so apologies to that person who's hopefully still around.. can't remember their username unfortunately :p So this unit...
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