heat pump

  1. stockhausen

    Air and Ground source heat pumps?

    Does anyone here have any practical experience of having either an air or ground source heat pump installed? The Government seem (in the short term) to be encouraging their use and since I should probably be thinking of replacing my ageing gas fired boiler I do wonder whether a (vertical)...
  2. MG123

    Replacing Air Source Heat Pump

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my Daikin air source system as the outside heat pump has broken and can't be repaired. To keep the system will costs upwards of 7k. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can replace the indoor unit with an electric boiler. I'd keep the fan coils from the air source so...
  3. rangor gubbins

    Air Source Heat Pump

    About to start a house refurb including putting in underfloor heating throughout. Our heating is currently provided by an old Worcester Bosch boiler running off an LPG tank sat in the drive. Its pretty expensive to run, the tank looks horrible, and is in a stupid location. So we are planning to...
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