integrated gpu

  1. Invicta

    Help required with mixing integrated graphics and graphics card

    I am looking to build a new PC as my current one is so old it struggles with 4K video editing. My thoughts are: ASUS Intel Z790 ProArt motherboard Intel i9 13900K processor ASUS Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080 16GB graphics card My queries are about the Intel i9 13900K graphics. This is a recommended...
  2. OnamCh

    PC Building Advice Integrated Graphics Motherboard

    Hi all, I am a little confused by onboard graphics on a motherboard and CPU. I thought if the motherboard supported onboard graphics then I should be able to use it to do basic tasks and even possibly run odd games, is this not true? For example, the Gigabyte...
  3. moji123

    Ryzen Buit in Graphics Question

    Unsure if this was the best place to post this, and it might seem an odd qustion too, anyway here goes. I'm building a budget gaming system for my son for playing Minecraft and Fortnite. The way things are with graphic cards at the moment, I'm looking at building something with an integrated...
  4. Colin Stack

    Recent Purchase,, Please Help!

    Hi everyone, Great to see there is an active forum here! ok,, my son brought a gaming system from overclockers and he would be the first to admit he doesn't know much about computers. So I said I would have a look. I didn't know what he had brought but I said I would take away the tower box as...
  5. eyehigh

    Boost performance on a gaming laptop 4k screen with HDMI dummy plug?

    Hi guys, I have a MSI GS73 8RF Stealth laptop which has an integrated Intel UHD 630 and a dedicated 1070 Max-Q GPU. What I noticed is when I plug in a HDMI cable and work on a 4k monitor on 60 Hz, everything is lightning fast. Unfortunately, that isn't the case when I'm using the laptop screen...
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