1. kosymodo

    IPv6 tests success initially, failing after some time

    Right then folks, here's a bit of a weird one... I've recently had a tinker with my network, and along with a change in FTTP provider, have now got Pi-hole and Unbound set up as my DNS server. This is also after having updated my various RPis from 3B/4 models to all 5 models. Don't ask me...
  2. kosymodo

    IPv6 - should I be enabling it?

    I've recently taken up a new FTTP connection with Aquiss, who, as standard, offer static IPv6 addresses (if requested). I'm wondering whether I should be requesting these, as IPv6 has been many years in the making, and seems to be pretty mainstream these days. Are there any actual benefits to...
  3. lxks1337

    Win10 booting into UEFI PXE over IPv4

    Hello there, first of all the specs: MSI B350M Pro VHD R5 2699 8GB the computer suddenly booted into the UEFI after showing this message. >>Checking Media Presence......... >>Media Present........................ >> Start PXE over IPv4............... what i know: The system tries to boot...
  4. Quartz

    Draytek 2860 not routing IPv6

    My Draytek 2860 doesn't seem to be routing IPv6. It has an external IPv6 address and an internal one, and I can ping the internal address but not the external one. I get 'Destination host unreachable', and 'General failure' when pinging external sites either by name or by IPv6 address. Further...
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