1. Pete.Dakota

    It's a terrible time to want to get into Flight Sim '20 (Joysticks)

    The launch of FS2020 and Star Wards Squadrons this year, combined with lockdown, has decimated the entry/mid-level flight peripheral market. I'm a PC GamePass member and have downloaded FS2020, which looks great and I really want to get into it - but it's not the same with just a controller...
  2. b0rn2sk8

    Which joystick for squadrons?

    Not much more to it than the thread title! I’m looking for a joystick, specifically to play Star Wars Squadrons. I don’t think I need a full on flight sim HOTAS set up but just a good quality 3 axis stick with a throttle and plenty of buttons for the various controls the game has. The last one...
  3. lurkio

    Really interesting new Joystick and throttle in development

    For the flight sim / space sim fans throttle looks really nice Link to the manufacturers website -> Hope thse will be out soon - maybe OCuk could get them instock ?
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