1. antijoke

    Uber to lose licence to operate in London

    News just announced that Uber will lose their licence on 30th September. Expect an appeal inbound.
  2. Tysonator

    Duty Free Ryan Air

    Hi, I am travelling to a non EU via Ryan Air with cabin luggage only, so if I purchase any duty free ( spirits of course ! ) on my out ward bound flight. As I have no hold luggage the Duty Free purchase from the London airport will not make through security of the non EU airport ( for being...
  3. h4rm0ny

    More London violence.

    This is very sad and pretty upsetting. I don't know how someone could do this. Do we have a general thread on violence in our cities? I couldn't see one else I'd have just added this to it.
  4. dowie

    Death toll in London hits 60

    Yay, well done UK govt. When will they learn that if they want to cut crime then two things that seem to work are more police officers and longer prison sentences, these things both cost money...
  5. Egle

    Career choices. London or Bristol?

    I live and work in London as a UX designer. Job is great, rent is high, traffic annoys me, culture is amazing, so at the same time I love it and hate it. I'm considering about moving to a smaller city, but I'm afraid about my career progression. I know that in a few years as a UX designer in...
  6. .lokii

    cheap, GOOD looking, car suggestions please

    Hopefully this isn't asking too muchbut I really don't know too much about cars sadly. I Live in London and What I need is : Cheap insurance (i've always read to keep it 1.2-1.6l) A Good Looking car 4 doors (not a fan of 2 door cars) I plan to use the vehicle a lot going to and from College and...
  7. Maccy

    Who fancies another London meet?

    The hot weather has got me (and Thundy funnily enough) thinking that we've not had a big GD meet up for a wee while. Anyone interested? I'm thinking let's do it soon, towards the end of July or if that's too short notice then the August bank holiday weekend could be a good shout too. Will get a...
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