man cave

  1. Paul Foster

    Man Cave Power

    Hi, can someone help me out, as built a man cave and want power to it. I want to keep the cost down and my electrician is happy to do what he needs to get power to my man cave (connect the cables for me). I currently have an outside plug and this is connected to the CU, can I spur off of this...
  2. began87

    PC Gaming in Man Cave: TV or Large Monitor? Options? Help!

    Hi Guys, I'm at a loss as to what to buy at the moment, and with Black Friday coming up I'm trying to figure out ahead of time what I'm looking for. Basically I have a Man Cave in the house as shown above. I have a HTC VIVE VR setup and a powerful gaming PC (1080TI, 4.5GHZ, 16GB Ram etc)...
  3. snappyfish

    LV Log Cabins

    I have just completed a house purchase after 5 months so now thinking of going ahead with log cabin purchase. I see LV cabins all come with a 28mm floor and double glazing and seem a good price. Im looking for 18ft x 12ft Wall Thickness - 44mm Floor Thickness - 28mm Roof Thickness - 19mm...