1. Mason64

    Minecraft server on linux

    Hey, I hope this is in the right section of the forums. my son has been playing Minecraft on a server i set up for him (ubuntu server) and it works great but he wants to play custom maps. i have downloaded a few different types of maps but every time he joins the server with a custom map...
  2. Curits

    Rtx 3080 crackling / static sound

    So i booted up minecraft rtx and loaded up the pre made neon city world and on mad settings, the gpu usage dropped and started to make this horrible crackling static sound... Im currently using my 3080 with a 2700x and evga gold nova 650 psu. i know that's on the low-ish side, but may people...
  3. epico

    I'd appreciate some help with improving my PC

    I desperately need a new PC and I've made a part list. I plan on playing games like Minecraft (main), Rocket League and Among Us, and I'd appreciate some help. I live in the UK and part prices are very different here, so I'd be better off with help from someone in the UK. Parts list: CPU: AMD...
  4. Alex Hall

    Gaming & Music PC budget £1250

    Hi! I am looking for a PC that will enable me to play games like minecraft, overwatch, and other online multiplayer games. I also mix and master music in my spare time, so will be using Pro-Tools. So the PC would need to be able to handle fast processing of multiple layers of music with ease...
  5. BTS_001

    First Gaming Build - Budget of £600 - £700

    Hi all. I've never built a gaming PC before but have used a non-gaming PC to play games. It obviously isn't designed for this, and my FPS is very very inconsistent in almost all instances. I'm hoping to build a gaming PC, within the budget of £600 - £700. The most likely games this would be...
  6. LadsDad1976

    Laptop Help

    Hi all, My son has some Amazon vouchers to spend and wants to get himself a laptop that he can play Minecraft on. I've had a look through and think this is about the only one in his budget that may be ok. Can anyone advise if it will run the game ok? Lenovo Ideapad 310 (80ST002KUK) 15.6"...
  7. IndiaHawker

    Looking for a secondhand Macbook to play Minecraft on - but which?

    I've been used to an HP Pavillion ab254sa which has an i5 6200U processor, 8gb RAM, either 1tb or 2tb hard drive (can't remember), and intel hd graphics 520. So obviously not top of the range, but capable of running Minecraft between ~30-60FPS depending on resource packs etc. I can even get it...
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