mixed reality

  1. andy_mk3

    *** HP Reverb G2 Owners Thread ***

    HP Reverb G2 Owners Thread The G2 will start shipping tomorrow so I figured it was time for a thread away from the launch speculation thread. The HP Reverb G2 is HP's next generation virtual reality HMD developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft. Marketed by HP as the "No compromise...
  2. Landmanism

    Where can I get WMR Controllers?

    Hi all, I'm expecting to receive a Samsung Odyssey HMD without the controllers, does anyone know where I could source WMR controllers in the UK?
  3. NikTheSHNIK


    Hi guys, First amongst the plethora of Windows Mixed Reality headsets to land at OcUK is the Acer Windows MR Headset and Motion Controllers Bundle: Acer Windows Mixed Reality MR Headset and Motion Controllers Bundle (AH101) @ £399.95 inc VAT Acer AH101 Windows Mixed Reality Headset...
  4. Francesco Fontana

    Wireless Mixed Reality

    Hi, I started approaching to VR & AR, and I was wondering what are the current wireless technologies available. As far as I can see, both Oculus (with Oculus Go) and HTC seems to have developed some wireless product low budget (more or less). My question is: ok for the low-cost, but there is...
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