1. gamesaregood

    UF-GO Arcade Shooter Platform Style Android Game

    My friend has made an mobile game and I was hoping some of you would give it a go and provide some feedback? Personally I've really been enjoying it and it reminds me of older arcade games. It's currently only available on android...
  2. Deleted member 77746

    Apollo / Reddit app, API shenanigans.

    Not sure why this was in the iOS 16 thread but posts can be moved into here if a mod wants to do it. Looks like Apollo app will be shutting down soon du to Reddits new API cost. also..
  3. DHR

    BT Broadband & EE Partnership?

    Hoping somebody here may have experience as trying to get an answer on this is proving to be difficult. On BT FTTP but that's due for renewal in August, was going to switch to Zen at that point. Mobile contract is due up and I was just about to checkout on the EE site having checked the 'yes...
  4. Tysonator

    New Phone

    Hi All, I am hoping to purchase a new mobile for my wife. We both like Samsung's, though at the moment she has a 3 or 4 year old huawei P3 I think ! ! She is an Android user and would stay with using Android smartphone. I have looked a Oppo which seem very good value for money ATM, any other...
  5. ElT

    Newbie questions about speakers, wireless and what product to buy.

    I need a new speaker for playing music from my phone and laptop. I want good quality. I know that's subjective and there might be people who's idea of "good quality" is some >£1000 speaker set up. I just want to be able to find something that doesn't boost the bass like an idiot and I can...
  6. Stephen1954

    Only Mobile Phone as internet connect

    Hi and thanks in advance for any information you may give. A little back ground first.. I live in a static caravan and a landline is not allowed I currently use my brilliant and yes old Samsung S7 usb tethering for my internet connection to my PC desktop. My thoughts are to update my phone to...
  7. Lee James

    How do I get a tablet WITHOUT internet or mobile?

    I don't use wireless devices, and don't own a cellphone. But I was wondering if it's possible to get a PDA/tablet that CAN'T connect to WiFi or a mobile network? (In other words, without a modem or radio transmitter.) I'd just like a tablet I can use to view photos/videos, or maybe even read...
  8. M4xson

    Pixel 3a or 4a

    I've got a Pixel (1) and it's fine apart from the battery. So I'm looking to upgrade (assuming the 3a has similar CPU power) to a new 3a or 4a. Potential Deal Breakers: 3a; 151mm is a bit longer (probably fine) 64GB (OK as I don't use all of my 128GB pixel anyway) Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 with...
  9. SemperFitz

    oppo reno 10x zoom opinion

    Thinking of this one as my next upgrade. Any owners found and issues? Pros/cons. Anyone had trouble with the selfie mechanism?
  10. minibuzz101

    Broken OnePlus 5T screen.

    I recently broke my 5T screen while on holiday. The screen shattered and a small piece came out. Has anyone used the OnePlus repair service for a screen fix? If so, how much did it cost? I got quoted £160 at a local store. If possible, I'd like to use OP repair but price is important! Any advice...
  11. Nokinoki

    Why offer cheap deals?

    I'm thinking about buying Samsung galaxy s9 by The question is can they be trusted? The thing is that they offer Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Black with Vodaphone for only £30 which includes unlimited text, min and 16 GB DATA. (+£125 upfront cost) It sounds awkward to me since...
  12. Daniel Lawton

    Phone for <£500

    So currently I'm looking at: Samsung S8 OnePlus 5T Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Asus Zenfone 5 (When it comes out) I was also looking at the Huawei Honor View 10 but I believe the processor isn't as good as the ones in the phones mentioned above. I'm struggling choosing between the top 4, does anyone want...
  13. Benjamin86

    Mobile game development

    Hello is there any one on here from the ukWest Midlands kind of area and trying to get in to the mobile game development and are learning the engine. Trying to find like minded people that might want to team up to learn or even develop something together. If so pm me. Also don't have to be so...
  14. igor2009

    Xiaomi Schematics

    Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus Redmi Note 3 (MTK) Xiaomi Mi Max
  15. Spontaniouscombustion

    iPhone SE Numerous Problems, Please Help.

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this post. A customer came to me with an iPhone SE. The phone was in pretty bad condition to the extent of where the case itself was like a banana and the screen was missing part of the top components, like the front camera etc. My first thought...
  16. lntt

    Mobile networks in the UK ??

    Hi everyone, could you please take an online 2-minute survey about mobile networks? I'm a student studying at Falmouth University. I'm doing the primary research for my dissertation. It's a safe survey link from Typeform website. Many thanks in advance.
  17. yhack

    Need a Windows Tablet for Web browsing/Movies/Remote Desktop

    Hi, I'm looking for a Windows tablet which will be used for browsing the internet, watching movies, connecting to servers with remote desktop, and other basic things. I won't be using it for gaming because I already have a decent laptop for that. It's just going to be for doing work while on...
  18. John Latter

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Any difference between UK and EU versions?

    Hi, I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that was advertised for sale with the UK's SM-G935FZDABTU model number. During the initial set-up of the phone I was invited to logon to my Samsung account, which I did. When I later visited the Samsung website, I found the phone I had been sold...
  19. Lissa Jhone

    Which is the Most Advanced Mobile Phone of 2017?

    I'm currently watching for a new mobile, preferably on iPhone due to coverage problems around us. On other side Samsung has started to ease up their UI however so it's not so bad any longer. So, which will be good...?
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