1. Ginnel

    Modem advice

    Hi I recently bought an ASUS RT-AX58U router to use with my home network but unfortunately the Vodafone hub I'm with can't be turned into a bridge/modem only mode which leads to double NAT which equals bad. I'm about to go over to NOW TV which has the same issues as Sky broadband, but a...
  2. DELETED_239965

    Moving router recommendations!

    Hi (sorry if something is wrong, I'm new here), Just got my new Sky Fibre installed. I really want to move my router as its near the master socket in a awkward place (corner of the house, away from wired/wireless devices). My main goal is to increase/maintain my speeds and improve reliability...
  3. Blankspace

    Problems with new Asus AX11000

    Hi I've been having problem with my internet dropping a few times a day since i bought this router last week. This is what I usually see in logs - Aug 7 01:11:08 acsd: acs_set_chspec: 0x1005 (5) for reason APCS_CSTIMER Aug 7 01:24:30 acsd: eth6: selected_chspec is 0x1003 (3) Aug 7 01:24:30...
  4. Floob

    Recommendation for new modem/router?

    Hi, I currently have a Huawei HG635 router from TalkTalk. TalkTalk are my ISP, and I am on a 76Mb fibre service with them. Its pretty old - I think it first came out in 2015, and I'm getting a few connection problems as well as limited firmware functionality issues with it. I was looking for...
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