motherboard block

  1. sy-core

    Changing CPU with Full Mobo waterblock

    So I've been having problems with new CPU's running pretty warm and all of the online searches reveals that surprise to me I did not know that all 5000 series CPU's run hot, not just warm, but 80-90c hot and that was only the 5800x, i had a 3950x that i stressed tested on cinebench to 95c, but I...
  2. sprouty619

    new mother board and cpu / cooler

    as listed looking to upgrade cpu/motherboard and a cooler ofc currently wanting a Intel i7 4820k and Noctua NH-U9S which am fairly sure from what i have read are fine but wanting a motherboard that supports m.2 ssd as well can fit my gpu gtx 1060 6g strix and i have a p-link Tl-wn851nd 300mbps...
  3. Bullshark

    Are the z270 mono blocks compatible with the z370s

    Hi Guys, This may be a dull question but seeing how the motherboards are so similar do the z270 blocks fit on the new z370 boards?
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