1. pete_agreatguy

    Corsair MP510 nvme m.2 ssd high pitch noise sound under load

    Hi all, I built my system back in November and am using a Corsair MP510 480GB m.2 Gen 3 SSD for my OS drive. The drive is working fine (read/writes etc), however when loading a game with a lot of heavy mods, the drive makes a high pitched sound/noise. As soon as the game has loaded, this stops...
  2. GrayNoName

    New MP510 960gb - CrystalDiscInfo BAD 0%

    Hello. I bought new mp510, and they are working with full speed, but CrystalDiskInfo show them as BAD 0%. I should send them on warranty? Or this type just work by this way? o.O I don`t see any troubles with disc (I had randomly troubles- black screen without answer on hard reset with 10sec...
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