multiple displays

  1. Stav0933

    Multiple viewing from one PC

    Hello, When playing a VR game is it possible for other people in the room to see what the user is experiencing on the monitor at the same time? This way a VR game will be experienced by others but obviously in 2D. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks James
  2. Conor Connolly

    Really Need Help Guys! Can I run 4 External Monitors (not inc laptop monitor) from a laptop?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the whole multiple monitors thing, but I have ordered everything that I need to for a 4 monitor setup (again, not including the laptop screen). I plan on running 4 monitors directly from the laptop. I have ordered a USB C docking station that has 3 HDMI ports, and the...
  3. lurkio

    multiple freesync displays

    Might be a silly question, but if I buy 3 freesync capable displays (for flight sims), will freesync work across all three displays? I would be using all three of them side by side
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