multiple monitors

  1. Conor Connolly

    Really Need Help Guys! Can I run 4 External Monitors (not inc laptop monitor) from a laptop?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the whole multiple monitors thing, but I have ordered everything that I need to for a 4 monitor setup (again, not including the laptop screen). I plan on running 4 monitors directly from the laptop. I have ordered a USB C docking station that has 3 HDMI ports, and the...
  2. Etheco

    Bootcamp Windows + 2 monitors

    Has anyone had luck with bootcamping into windows 10 with 2 additional monitors? If both screens are plugged in Windows will just crash out on boot, I have to unplug the monitors first to let it boot into windows and then it just aches funny / or doesn't work 80% of the time.
  3. Mel_P

    Two monitors on an AMD ASUS A68HM PLUS Socket FM+ motherboard

    hello, This m/board has built in DVI And HDMI outputs on the on board graphics processor. I have only ever used 1 monitor. I have given this to my daughter and she says she needs 2 monitors when she works at home - for viewing spreadsheets, documents at the same time. Can I just plug 2...
  4. vmondude

    Panoramic Desktop/Wallpaper Help =)

    Hey guys, haven't been around for a fair old while now but I'm finally taking my YouTube channel seriously and I thought this might help some of the less advanced of you, as that is who my channel is aimed at. If you have multiple monitors and want you background image to spread across both...
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