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  1. carahart

    Dayz, arma 3 build

    This how things sit... I already have a great everyday pc, for use with photo and video editing, mainly its a work machine, that I built a few years back win10 Would love to build/buy a machine that is capaple of playing dayz/arma3 with reasonal settings and framerates and be able to stream...
  2. Laity

    New PC Gamer - Please Help!

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase my first gaming PC and would like some help please! Forgive me if anything below doesn’t quite make sense, I’m a noob. What I’ll be using it for: PC gaming VR (most likely Oculus Rift S) What I won’t be using it for: I won’t be editing/creating content I won’t...
  3. SiDai

    Advice to an older new gamer (age 49)

    I recently invested in a PS4 Pro and as part of the extras it came with Death Stranding and a Fortnight pack. In playing these two games, I found Death Stranding to be infinitely more enjoyable on a number of levels. Unfortunately, I just could not get into Fortnight and enjoy it no matter how...
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