1. mickyflinn

    The Next GT-R

    I've always loved Nissan GT-R . Look what the future may bring Meet the 1341bhp Nissan Hyper Force
  2. jas72

    Nissan Qashqai and Note remote key fobs not working this morning

    Hi all, Not a regular in this section but thought I'd ask. This morning or could have been even yesterday both key fobs for my 2011 and 2014 Qashqai and Note are not working and neither are the two spare keys. I currently have to manually open both cars. They were definitely both working...
  3. bloodiedathame

    **EV Owners Thread**

    Couldn't see a thread on the forums so thought I'd make one. Hopefully it can be a good place to discuss everything related to EV, hopefully debunk some myths and for people to find advice. We're nearly a month into owning a Nissan Leaf (24kWh 2015 Acenta) and it's proving to be a great little...
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