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  1. Hemmo

    Windows 10 [DVD] for a new build

    Hi, Searched and can't find anything on this. When completing my new build I was looking to load Win10 and had seen a good price of £41 for Win 10 Pro but on DVD. Whats the best way to do this for a new build without a DVD drive? I have no other older version of Windows either as I'm coming...
  2. Jack Barrett

    Ext SSD connected as internal for OS???

    Hi All, I have a samsung T5 which i have been using externally for a while. However i would like to connect internally using a SATA to USB 'C' connector. Do you think this would work and allow an os to be installed and ran off of this. Ive never heard of it but there are cables for it for...
  3. Ulfisch

    Swapping OS bootable NVMe drive to new motherboard

    I'm planning to upgrade my current system (ASUS z97 pro gamer MoBo, BIOS updated to v.2203) which runs with a 500GB SATA SSD and two RAID1 1TB HDDs under Windows 7. I'm want to get a 1TB NMVe (PCI connector is PCIe 3.0x4) and install it via adapter in one of my PCIe 3.0x16 slots, put Windows 10...
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