1. Quartz

    What is the passive cooling capacity of an AIO cooler?

    Imagine you have an AIO with a pump but without fans, mounted flat in the top of your case. No other fans in the case. How powerful a CPU could it cool? Say per 120mm x 120mm or 140mm x 140mm block.
  2. Decoman

    Any opinions re. possible coil whine with Nvidia GTX 2070 (non OC) card?

    I am considering switching to Nvidia, always having stuck with AMD cards. A good candidate is the Nvidia GTX 2070, but, if I add this to a passive cooled pc build I thought I would be wise and ask for opinions about possible coil whine. What I think I have learned, based all on hearsay thorugh...
  3. Decoman

    Any AMD mini-ITX board with M.2 slot on the backside? (for a Ryzen 2 build)

    I am considering building a passive PC build (Monsterlabo), but I have a difficult time figuring out if there are any AMD mini-ITX mobos with the M.2 slot on the backside. According to the website above, an AMD X470 mobo sort of fits, with tweaks, but I...
  4. alexakasloth

    Quiet build project log.

    Background: So this is a project log/ build page for my recent (budget Ryzen) upgrade, I had focused on adding some cooling components to eliminate noise previously and intend to keep that going, it's quite nice having not having fans whiring in the background when concentrating on doing...
  5. KFG256

    An outdoors radiator??

    Having a think about moving to water cooling and wanted to pick the community's brains on an unusual idea: My PC is next to an external wall. Other side of the wall is a narrow-ish (c.40cm) gap between my wall and next door. The gap is my land and I have access, but it isn't particularly...
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