pci ex 4.0

  1. JernauGurgeh

    Confused by PCIE 4.0! Is my 'budget' AlderLake / 6500XT build okay?

    I've just built a system based around the Intel AlderLake i3-12100, on a Gigabyte H610M H mobo, with a Radeon 6500XT, and 16Gb 3200MHz RAM. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-h610m-h-intel-h610-ddr4-micro-atx-motherboard-mb-5ak-gi.html...
  2. Brownz

    PCIe-4 riser cable compatible with PCIe-3 Slot?

    I recently purchased a SSUPD Meshlicious Case with PCIe-4 riser cable. Thing is I tried plugging in my PCIe-3 card and PCIe-3 motherboard and got black screen. Used my old PCIe-3 riser from Loque Ghost S1 and works fine. I know I dont need a PCIe-4 cable with my hardware, but I do plan buying...
  3. Illuminist

    Need help with a pciex 4.0 nvme, can't clone

    Hey there, If someone with a deeper knowledge could help I would be over the moon. Bought a pciex4.0 nvme and tried to clone it using acronis from my nvme boot drive, it kept saying that there was a problem when I tried to boot with it. It also then refused to boot from my original drive...
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