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  1. Prospire

    Gaming/Photo Editing PC Upgrade Advice

    Hi All, I'm doing a completely new build in the next couple of weeks and was hoping to get some build advice as i'm completely out of the game components-wise. I use my current PC for Gaming and Photo Editing but it's on it's last legs so starting fresh and donating this to my girlfriend! My...
  2. landyvlad

    PC Spec for high quality digital art in Photoshop?

    I'm hoping there may be some digital artists or pro photoshop users lurking here :) A bloke I know needs a new PC, he says. (Let's assume for the moment he wants a PC not Apple.) He does graphic design - very detailed drawings with MANY layers in photoshop. (He also does some video editing...
  3. Pr0udy

    Upgrade Advice Please - Last Build 2014

    Last build was in 2014 and have since added some RAM and an SSD but I think it its now time to look at CPU, MBoard, etc. Current system CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz Intel Series 8 Gaphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB MBoard: ASUS H81M-PLUS LGA1150 CPU Socket RAM: 16GB (2 x...
  4. Callum Lewis

    Please help First pc build photo editing

    am looking to build my first pc as i am a photo retoucher and require a heavy duty system that can handle opening multiple files (1-2gb size) with lots of layers. I have selected storage on the basis of the fastest way to access and load files. I have done a good amount of research so far and...
  5. Hagar

    Photoshop photo editing PC upgrade required.

    Starting with a Ryzen 3600, I need a budget upgrade that could take 16Gb DDR4 3200 or 3600 and an RTX 1660 graphics card. Motherboard? Ram? Approx £600 to £650 including nominated CPU and GPU or equivalent. Case PSU etc not required. Many thanks.
  6. MrHamid

    New PC

    Hi, I am totally new to building a PC, never done it before. Can someone help me spec a PC just do some lite photo/video editing just for home use. I have a monitor.
  7. PatrickD

    27" inch monitor for work use & photo editing

    Hi, With the working from home I'm finally going to buy a monitor this week. Usage: when working from home (Product Support so mainly text & viewing a HCM product) & some photo editing. With a budget of about £200 what would you recommend please? 1440 vs 1080p- if I'm not using/eding videos do...
  8. harvey.l12

    2020 HP Spectre x360 - Photoshop

    Has anyone here got the new 2020 HP spectre with the 10th Gen i7 and Iris Plus Graphics? I’d like to know how this handles photo editing and photoshop. Does it work well?
  9. neilskinner

    Video / Photo editing laptop £1,000ish

    Hello, I am after a new laptop primarily for video and photo editing. I am after something that has a great screen, is fast and can handle Premier Pro, Lightroom etc. My budget is around £1000 but would probably push slightly for the right option. I've been looking at i7 processors and 16gb...
  10. JR54

    Gaming / Video Editing PC Advice Appreciated

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a PC for around £1200 to £1500 (with Overclockers building it). I edit video in Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro (plus some image work in Photoshop) and I also play video games (mainly World of Warcraft and Overwatch) on a 3440x1440 100hz monitor with G-Sync, so I need...
  11. Jsajeba

    Worth to fix it - Thunderbolt Display

    Hi, I have a dilemma...A year ago I bought a second hand Apple thunderbolt display 27" for 300 euros. During the past month each time i switch the display on it usual trip my electricity and for the past 2 weeks i heard a buzzing sound. Today the display does not switch on. Most probably the...
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