1. Derek W

    Title Change - A Journey back into film! Multiple Film Cameras.

    Evening all, As some may have seen in the New Gear thread I recently bought a Canon AE-1 with 50mm 1.4 FD lens from ebay which was fully working with new seals. Once I had got new batteries and a few films I've now received some photos from the first Black and White film that I've shot for...
  2. Pr0udy

    Upgrade Advice Please - Last Build 2014

    Last build was in 2014 and have since added some RAM and an SSD but I think it its now time to look at CPU, MBoard, etc. Current system CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz Intel Series 8 Gaphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB MBoard: ASUS H81M-PLUS LGA1150 CPU Socket RAM: 16GB (2 x...
  3. lemoon

    Coupon for Skylum Luminar AI, Aurora HDR, Luminar 4, and AirMagic

    Anyone know about Skylum Luminar AI and Aurora HDR? Skylum is an image processing software development company. It is best known for its photo editing software Aurora HDR and Luminar. And I found the promo code "MACLIBS" for Skylum Luminar AI, Aurora HDR, Luminar 4, AirMagic, which can help you...
  4. Matt D

    A4 Photo Printer

    Hi there, I currently sell photo prints online (as an additional hobby, not a job) and want to look into buying a printer that I can use to facilitate this. Online photo printing becomes quite expensive and tricky with shipping turnaround etc so isn't an option unfortunately. The next best...
  5. mrk

    Portsmouth/Fareham OcUKers, are you interesting or know someone interesting?

    Hey all, This year I set myself a number of goals, one is to start a new photographic project called "I Am" where the sole aim is to bring the individual stories of interesting people within the local communities and share their experiences and/or stories with the wider locality with a view of...
  6. mrk

    Shortlisted on the 500px Wedding Season quest

    Quite pleased to get a notification today that 500px had added one of my photos to the recent Wedding Season quest they hosted. I can't remember what the prizes were but I think 1st is a cash prize or something? I submitted a few shots from weddings in recent times and one of them appears to...
  7. Wonton

    Entire pc build for photo editing £500-700?

    Hello all, I have zero experience with building pcs so I could do with a recommended build / some advice. I want a new pc for photo editing and general usage, Web browsing etc. It won't be used for gaming. I have photographs on sd and cf type cards, typically I'd transfer my photos using a...
  8. mrk

    Made it into the 2019 British Photography Awards shortlist!

    I ask for your help once more folks. I submitted two photos in different categories for the latest BPA contest and one of them got into the shortlist of 240 from around the world! Your help will be in the people's choice award, if you choose to vote for my entry of course :) The shortlist...
  9. Heating

    Photography for products

    Hello I have an e-commerce website and need to take pics of all my products which a photographer used to do. Which camera and lens is most suited for this purpose?
  10. Phate

    Sliding filters...Lee? Or others?

    Hi all, I've always enjoyed all kinds of landscape photography. I've had various filters of the years which inevitably end up changing due to getting different lenses and a year ago a completely different setup. I want to get back into landscape photography more. Including long exposures...
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