1. Werewolf

    Quick sanity check, PC connected to POE switch?

    Just a really quick sanity check. Is it safe to connect a normal PC to a POE switch? Google suggests yes, but I thought i'd ask here:) I'm looking at swapping out a gigabit switch and a 10/100 POE switch for a single POE gigabit one as it would save some power, and more importantly save some...
  2. DHR

    Compact switch recommendations?

    I'm in need of a replacement compact 8-16 port switch to replace a Meraki unit I've had in use for a few years. After nothing fancy, ideally silent/passive cooling, poe would be handy but not necessary, I didn't end up using vlans last time either. I've been bitten by going cheap on this...
  3. Marc Shaw

    Query using existing cabling and sockets in house

    Hi Sorry if this is an idiot question, I'm new to internal networks. The previous owners of my house moved the master socket into the garage (from the house) so the father could control it. I've got my router plugged into a slave in the living room (back of house) and getting the speeds and...
  4. paperclips

    POE Wireless access point IP67 - Spec me up

    Hello, I would your help to spec me a POE Wireless access point as my knowledge is lacking in these areas. At the moment I have an Ethernet cable to my loft from my router going to a NONE POE switch witch in turn distributes out to Sonos amps. What i would like to do is install a POE switch...
  5. paperclips

    NAS queries with HikVision and best NAS available

    Hello, I think i'm after the latest and greatest in the world of NAS but don't know much so i'm here with a few questions. What i plan to do is, Connect 6 POE UHD Hikvision cameras to a POE gigabit switch by cat 6 cables. Then connect the switch to a NAS. 1, I would like the NAS to interact...
  6. Pulsedriver

    How best to deal with 8-10 POE IP Cameras / Blueiris?

    Hey folks, we are looking to help a local business out, their guy they used in the past has vanished / doesn't seem interested in their calls/business anymore and their CCTV is aging/problematic. They already have 8-10 (let's say 10) IP Cameras in place, in a POE setup, so a single ethernet...
  7. jaysus

    PoE switch for AP & IP cameras

    I'm looking for a switch to try and pull together some gear I'm already using along with some additions I'd like to make. Internally I've got a Unifi AC Lite PoE along with 4 non-PoE ethernet devices (PC/streamer/AVR/TV.) This is currently handled by a TP Link SG1005D 5 port switch. The AVR was...
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