powerline adapter

  1. snappyfish

    Powerline kit or Wifi Card?

    Hi, Pc spec in signature. My powerline kit seems to be holding me back.. Im getting 25 to 40Mbps through powerline.. I'm on 100Mbps with VM.. Have there very old powerline adaptor they gave out years ago and a on networks version. Always preferred Ethernet of some sort but what do you...
  2. flyinmunky

    PowerLine Plugs and there true speed help. 500mbs impossible?

    I have been happily using a tp-linkTP-LINK TL-PA7010KIT AV1000 1-Port Gigabit Powerline Starter Kit for few years. I went from standard fibre to 150mb fibre , now i have upgraded to 500mbs fibre. Wired connection gives me just over 500mbs. My Powerline maxes out around 200. (220 at my friends...
  3. Metaxas

    Google Nest/WiFi - Better than powerline?

    Currently using powerline adaptors to run my gaming PC. I get about 40Mbps download 6Mbps upload at best using this method (over 100Mbps over Wifi next to current router). My PC doesn't have WiFi, so considering running two Google Nests (aware the Nest points don't have ethernet)/Google WiFi...
  4. Big Frank

    Powerline VS Wifi Extender

    So I've now got 200mpbs and looking at options to upgrade my old 100mpbs powerline adapter and don't know whether to go for a higher quality powerline adapter or WiFi Extender. My desktop is upstairs and due to the layout of the house would only have 1 partition wall to go through to gain...
  5. Big Frank

    200mbps broadband = 70mpbs connection speed

    Hey Everyone! I recently upgraded to virgin m200 the only problem is one of my devices that uses a TP-LINK TL-PA411KIT AV500 500 Mbps Nano Powerline Adapter only gets 70-90Mbps. I tested by plugging directly into the router, I can achieve 200+Mbps but through this powerline adapter I only get...
  6. parityboy

    PSA: Devolo MAGIC 2 ***next*** Does Not Pass Tagged VLAN Traffic

    Background A little while back I purchased a Devolo MAGIC 2 home kit (one single port, non-WiFi adapter and two dual-port WiFi-enabled adapters) - these worked perfectly fine (and continue to do so). I make extensive use of VLANs on my network - I created a VLAN on my (Linux) laptop and...
  7. Conscript

    BT Smart Hub 6 / Powerline Adapter Conflicts

    I'm wondering if anyone can help shed any light on this, or has had a similar experience. I have BT Infinity and have been having a very weird problem lately. The broadband connection is fine, utterly stable, whenever I'm using any wireless device, or any of the devices plugged directly into the...
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