Powerline VS Wifi Extender

2 Aug 2018
So I've now got 200mpbs and looking at options to upgrade my old 100mpbs powerline adapter and don't know whether to go for a higher quality powerline adapter or WiFi Extender.

My desktop is upstairs and due to the layout of the house would only have 1 partition wall to go through to gain wireless access to the router.

My old Samsung Galaxy S7 can get full bandwidth (200mpbs) sitting next to my desktop via wifi so I know it is achievable.

My question is, do I get a decent wifi extender with Gigabit ethernet port or powerline adapter with ethernet port. I have seen so many mixed reviews for powerline adapters which is why I am kinda concerned about performance. Even the one I have only gives me 85mbps which is why I am thinking wifi might give me a better speed.

Two products I was looking at were;

Powerline : https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-PL...words=netgear+powerline&qid=1613419371&sr=8-1

Wifi Extender: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-EX...extender+NETGEAR+AC1900&qid=1613419313&sr=8-3

Any thoughts?
20 Oct 2008
If you want wireless why wouldn't you just stick a wireless adapter in the PC?

The existing wireless is clearly capable of supporting your full broadband speed and so doesn't need extending/repeating for that location.

Personally, I'd make the effort and run a cable and be done with it.
17 Jul 2008
Cable best, then who knows you have to test 1gb cable = about 1gb transfer, 1 gb powerline or wireless = something < 1gb since the quality and other noise on your electrics and composition of walls and distances are massive variables
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