1. shohan hossain

    i7 4960k with gtx 770

    what should I upgrade and how much would this pc sell for??
  2. BigBoy

    Best Bang for Buck Android phone UNDER £200

    As title, what can you find for under £200, Android phone, sim free, 128GB Storage with minimum 4GB ram. Currently eyeing up the Motorola g30 4/128gb @£149 on Amazon It for my 16 year old daughter that is not a must be the best want want want type of girl (you know what I mean!) :D Its also...
  3. Harold lloyd

    Why GPU prices are NOT likely to drop significantly EVER!

    Hi everybody, I thought I would put in a post of why inflation is going to keep up and create a new normal in the world. I know lots of you are sitting on the side lines waiting for a big drop in GPU prices before buying but the days of getting a decent GPU for £500 or £700 are well gone, expect...
  4. Mark Walls

    Selling PC parts

    Hi All, I'm currently trying to sell parts from my old PC but have know idea what is a fair price. Parts list below. PCS ALPHA TRION CASE ASUS A88XM PLUS MOTHERBOARD AMD ATHLON X4 860K QUAD CORE CPU 3.7GHz 550W CORSAIR POWER SUPPLY AMD CPU COOLER POWER CABLE 16gb RAM Thanks Mark
  5. Apache14

    B-Grade RX 5500XT same price as new stock ?

    Hi all Im on the look out for the cheapest 5500XT possible to replace an old HD 7950. I have been keeping an eye on this b-grade card for a few weeks now : but its...
  6. Columbus_za

    BREXIT and its affect on computer part Prices.

    So I am in the process of finishing off my new rig. I was not planning on finishing it till the end of November but realised recently potentially brexit is in three weeks. I have tried to find out in the worst case scenario (no deal brexit) would prices of pc parts increase enough to almost...
  7. cameraheaven

    Price vs memory density DDR4 ???

    Hi People, has been a while since building a new rig from scratch so google answers most questions but not all ... Thank god for forums. Motherboard is picked (X299) so 8 memory slots ... so it's a matter of 8x8 units/sticks of mem (Xxxx) to get 64 gb verses 4x16 ? 1) Is it cheaper per gig...
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