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Price vs memory density DDR4 ???

Discussion in 'Memory' started by cameraheaven, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. cameraheaven


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    Hi People, has been a while since building a new rig from scratch so google answers most questions but not all ... Thank god for forums.

    Motherboard is picked (X299) so 8 memory slots ... so it's a matter of 8x8 units/sticks of mem (Xxxx) to get 64 gb verses 4x16 ?
    1) Is it cheaper per gig to go with 16gb per stick or 2x8 ??

    2) is there any advantage/disadvantage with through put and or latency/overclock ability populating half or all the slots with a given mem module making a total 64 gb population ... many thanks for all who can help me out.