1. Lee James

    How do I get a tablet WITHOUT internet or mobile?

    I don't use wireless devices, and don't own a cellphone. But I was wondering if it's possible to get a PDA/tablet that CAN'T connect to WiFi or a mobile network? (In other words, without a modem or radio transmitter.) I'd just like a tablet I can use to view photos/videos, or maybe even read...
  2. stockhausen

    Alternatives - Skype? ZOOM? Discord? TeamSpeak?

    I have been asked to give people advice on using Skype. Ppersonally I haven't used it for years and assumed that it wasn't around any longer so out of curiosity I had a look on Wikipedia . . . I was somewhat stunned to read: No wonder it now has a significantly lower profile than it once had...
  3. Palmerstone

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Good for Privacy?

    I am thinking about changing from iPad to Galaxy Tab A 10.1 because I want more privacy and control. I don’t like being followed around the internet and data-raped by Google et al. Given that Android is Google is it possible to shut Google out or change the os to something else entirely? I am...
  4. stockhausen

    Google 'owns' the medical history of 50 million Americans

    No message.
  5. kPATm

    *** VPN Thread ***

    Morning. So Iv been thinking about trying a VPN for the 1st time. Im basically looking for any recommendations as to a good reliable service. Thanks
  6. TallPaul1878

    USA wants your social media history. Want to visit the USA then you better hand over your social media profiles. Plan being proposed for visitors from non visa waiver/ESTA countries. "Your profiles please!"
  7. stockhausen

    Another "Big Brother is watching you" tale

    This is taken from a Guardian article which can probably be found by Googling "Anonymous browsing data can be easily exposed, German researchers reveal." It would be interesting to know what other browser plugins and software is designed with the express intention of collecting browsing...
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