1. Nelly

    Cheap! Asus ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI £190 at OCUK - cashback = £165 inc vat

    Fedup of waiting for a decent cheaper B650E motherboard? Asus ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI £190 >> Then claim (until 31st March, 2024) £25 cashback by submitting a review on OCUK...
  2. alimc19923

    NVIDIA 30xx WatchDogs promotion ENDS 30th Nov 2020 what will happen to our codes???

    Hello, like most of you reading this i purchased a 3080 on release day and still waiting for my order. watch (61 - 53 q pos in 6wks) dogs legion comes free but has aa limited redemption time (30/11/2020) i want to know if those who have preordered will be given the codes soon or will we miss out...
  3. MSIUK Support

    MSI Z390 Cashback Campaign - Claim up to £85!

    Hello OCUK, As today, we are starting a new cashback campaign for Intel Z390 motherboards. To apply cashback, the only thing you need to do is purchase one of the eligible MSI Z390 motherboards and Intel 9th generation CPUs. You can also combine your MB+CPU duo with an eligible MSI case for...
  4. Charlie123

    Should I take promotion?

    I used to work in one department, which i enjoyed but moved to an admin department for the pay increase. I love this new department but I have been offered a promotion in the other department as a lead. It's enough of a pay increase to make me consider it but I think I prefer my current...

    Can I have a free Game :)

    So I bought "Asus X370 Motherboard & Ryzen 7 Processor Gaming Bundle **WITH FREE GAMES**" In Which I am happy with and I thought it was a great bargain at a bad time (my old Motherboard fried :( after successfully sending off my application to get my free games I received this email from Asus...
  6. Nelly

    Promo: Two Free Games + Everspace with ASUS X370/B350 + AMD Ryzen 1800/1700/1600/1300X series CPU

    This looks a fantastic deal, the games you can aquire are the latest AAA titles. Link: When you purchase an eligible ASUS motherboard and Ryzen CPU: CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME CROSSHAIR VI HERO(WI-FI AC) CROSSHAIR VI HERO STRIX X370-F GAMING X370 PRO & X370 A...
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