quiet fans

  1. Media_Evil

    A Quiet Build

    So I decided to build a cool and quiet rig for gaming and UE5 + Some Modelling + Whatnot Requirements: quiet proper airflow water cooled easy to maintain 560mm radiator as tidy as possible as cool as possible as compact as possible a decent audio interface speedy front IO decent looks...
  2. Nexus18

    Best quiet case fans (2x140mm and 1x120mm)?

    As per subject title. I see mixed reports on noctua, be quiet and those artic p14 fans. Case - fractal meshify c CPU cooler - be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 GPU - nvidia 3080 fe Ideally want something much quieter, which delivers similar cooling. No RGB required. Currently I am using the fractal...
  3. Floob

    Looking for a quiet ATX Case

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new PC after my 4th Gen i7 blew up (PSU and/or MB dead I think). My last system had a NoFan CPU cooler, but now I'm looking for a 5600X I thought I might venture into quiet fans like ones from Scythe or beQuiet. Anyway, its the case I'm keen on getting right. Here is...
  4. Illuminist

    Quiet but powerful fans for 3950x build

    Hi there, I need 3 120mm and 3 140mm fans for my watercooled build. I currently have 1 corsair ml 120s as exhaust and 2 on the top radiator and 3 140s on the front radiator. when the cpu is under load it is just too loud. I hover at 67-70.c gaming at this volume any less rpm and it gets to 80+...
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