rampage v

  1. AstroAss

    ASUS Rampage V Extreme - dead? Advice, please!

    Hi, guys, A bit annoyed here... My mobo (Rampage V Extreme) doesn't want me to get into my PC, it just throws a code 95... Had it for just under a year and a half, worked fine, with some quirks, but did manage everything I threw at it (4 GPUs, OC'd 5960X, all the HDDs and SSDs, etc). Now I...
  2. beardy12

    PCIe lanes on Rampage V with M.2, SLI 5820K (and possibly another x4)

    I'm confused and wondering if anyone had a similar setup, or can read better than me. Tried googling but getting conflicting information. Currently: Rampage V (USB 3.0), SLI GTX 970 (16X, 8X) and a 5820K (28 Lanes). I was toying with getting a SM961 M.2 NVME but have also got the Galaxy S8...
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