rx 480

  1. Hristo Hristov

    Waterblock for rx 480 ?

    Hello, I have a 5-year old XFX RX 480, which has worked great for me so far. Now I would like to water cool it, to get a bit better temperatures(and performance) and get rid of the fan noise. My plan was to build a full CPU - GPU water cooling loop, and later when the GPU prices normalize to...
  2. tenshar

    Nitro Quick Connect Fan Replacements?

    Hi folks, I bought a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8gb OC from Overclockers UK back when the card launched. Nitro cards since then have come with what Sapphire calls Quick Connect fans, which are easily replaceable with only one screw to remove. For a few months now, one of the fans has consistently...
  3. Ross Thomson

    Kraken g12 cooled msi gaming X rx 480

    Took the plung and fitted the kraken g12 along with an Asetek 240mm 570LXL cooler from OCUK. Fitted without too much issue. Not a huge jump in overclocking but massive reduction in sound and temps are a good bit lower (45-50 v 72-75). but temps are around 50-54c. I'm using coolermaster jetflo...
  4. rmonkey100

    Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 8GB Overclock Help?

    Interested in overclocking my 8GB Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 GPU, but not sure where to start, I have overclocked m old 7970 before pretty easily with GPU Tweak, but everything is locked out on it with the RX480, I can only change fan speed Whats the best way to overclock this GPU now? which...
  5. Akib

    Motherboard won't detect GPU in PCIE3 slot, only in PCIE2

    Hi all, Having a strange issue with my motherboard/GPU. I upgraded from a gtx 760 to an rx 480 last night. The gtx 760 was working fine in my primary pcie slot (3.0 x16). My new rx 480 however only works in the secondary slot (2.0 x4). I am not entirely sure how much this affects performance...
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