1. MrTedd

    Help.. droning sound

    Hi, I've recently bought a 66 plate Leon Titanium FR with 16k mileage. It drives like a dream, a bit harder on the suspension but to be expected. I have an issue when I reach 70 to 80ish and that is a low repetitive droning noise, much like a washing machine, it doesn't alter speed and drops off...
  2. MrMarvelous

    Spec me a motor! (Details inside)

    Looking to downsize from my current Audi A4 2.0 TDi to something a bit smaller, cheaper and economical. I'm open to all suggestions and input. My criteria is as follows: £3,500 budget 4/5 door Diesel 1.8L or smaller Economical/reliable So far i've been looking at the following vehicles...
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