1. MiltonHubble

    HyperX Stealth Gaming Chair Spares

    Hi all, I recently bought a HyperX Stealth, and since lockdown its been getting significantly more use since I'm working from home. I'm looking to replace the wheels with some flat glides, but cant find a site that sells spares or parts. Does anyone know where I could find what I'm looking...
  2. Ozgur

    Gigabyte P34W V3 - No Screen Backlight - Looking for spare parts

    Hi, I purchased a P34W V3-CF2 laptop from Overclockers in 2015 (OC1974814, warranty expired). My problem is the lcd screen backlight does not power on. I can see the screen under a phone light and HDMI out works on an external monitor (non gpu issue). Interestingly, if i press the hotkey to...
  3. 1471

    Fractal R5 spares help

    Seem to be going round in circles and looking for some help. I'm after a 5 bay cage/tray/mountings for my Fractal Design R5 case as going for something similar to this. Fractal Designs spare centre have the cage, but not the trays or mounting kit in stock. They've advised theres no plans to...
  4. jwilliamson47

    SuperFlower Support No Reply in Regards to Replacement 24-Pin Cable

    Hi everyone, I've been a bit stupid and misplaced my SuperFlower 24-pin ATX cable. I contacted Overclockers Support who responded quickly and suggested I contact SuperFlower themselves. Unfortunately, despite emailing them twice, I've not received any reply. Anyone know if it's possible to...
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