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  1. hellgreen


    lINK TO PHOTOS SO i just went to build my pc . Worked great all turned on okay but THE CPU overheat light came on and in bios it sitting at 89c . The fans are spinning including the one on the block AIO arctic Freezer Air II 420 however no joy. Ihave tried repasting it and check its connected...
  2. ryan87

    Could a BIOS update throttle USB wifi adapter download speeds?

    Hello all! I'm really at a loss trying to fix this particular issue I've been having, with no luck looking elsewhere on the world wide web. The thread title may seem ridiculous but I'm so frustrated and out of ideas right now that it's the only thing I can think of. As briefly as possible: My...
  3. etonez

    Asus X99-S Error Codes 00 and 53

    I have been trying to fix this system for over 3 months now and I am officially out of ideas. Originally the system was an i7 5930k on an MSI X99A and then it died (it's a friends system so no idea what happened running up to it dying) I got another i7 5930k to test it and neither of them...
  4. phoenix1of1

    Zotac GeForce RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC LHR 12GB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card Issue

    Hi all, Just invested in getting the RTX 3060 and throwing some extra money in to doubling my ram. Everything was installed fine but I had some random instability causing a kernel 41 event at completely random intervals and this is starting to grind my gears a little. Originally had a RX580...
  5. Natkiio

    PC Hitches/Freezes few seconds after entering desktop

    Hi all! So my pc does this weird thing where it lags/ hitches when I enter the desktop from starting up the pc. So when I’m moving my mouse around after a few seconds the pc will seemingly freeze or lag. It’s noticeable as my mouse hitches completely. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, different...
  6. Andy112

    Inno3d RTX 3090 Problem

    Yesterday I got the aforementioned Inno3d RTX 3090 from OCUK. Happy day. Worked just fine under low load. Videos. Desktop. Browsing. Non intensive graphic games. Cue cyberpunk 2077. Went up to 83 Degrees once at the start . Then it went back down. Fans working to cool stuff down. Pink dots on...
  7. Daniel O'Hara

    MSI RTX 3070 Usage/Power Drop Spikes

    Hi, for the past few weeks I have for the life of me been trying to figure out why as seeing a sudden sharp drop in my GPU usage and power similar to a reverse spike with a sudden stuttering in game lasting 1 - 3 seconds before returning to normal, the temps for both CPU and GPU are fine, I have...
  8. JackT

    PC ram spikes to 100%

    At random times my ram will spike to 100% and both gpu and cpu drop to low %. The whole pc then just freezes.
  9. sam staniforth

    My keyboard and mouse stoped working at the same time

    I was watching YouTube and my mouse stoped working so I restarted my pc, and the keyboard followed suit I have tried many different things to fix them like checking to see if the wires were broken (they were fine) trying a new mouse (didn’t work) checking the power supply (works fine) I even...
  10. Convulse_ow

    Pc Restarting when running certain games. Rx 6800

    My pc will restart when playing/opening some games, I can play Overwatch, Modern warfare, Valorant fine but if I am to open basically any other games it will restart my pc, Forza, BDO, Outriders. I have noticed on Forza my CPU usage goes to 100% and then my pc will just restart. Yesterday I was...
  11. sev771

    No display output

    I'm having an issue with my display not working, computer boots up, fans spin but the screen does not react. I checked if it's plugged in properly and plugged it into different displayports but that didn't do anything.
  12. HappyGardener

    RTX3090 underperforming?

    I have a MSI RTX 3090 with a Ryzen 3900xt at 1440p 144hz. When playing games. I notice that I'm only getting around 100-120 fps in games on ultra. Cod cold war is running 80-90 fps and borderlands 3 runs at around 102fps. Other benchmarks are getting a lot higher, even 3080 benchmarks are...
  13. tibs90567

    Weird issue with Z490 Aorus Ultra

    Hi Chaps. I'm afraid I'm one of those horrible people who buy very complicated and sophisticated kit and have absolutely no idea how to use it. In the military we used to call the Americans - all the gear with no idea.... Anyway, I'm having this issue where all the cores on the CPU are...
  14. fi3ldmedic

    Stuttering Windows Spinning Dots + Won't Boot on Hardware Upgrade

    Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my pc, but I'm getting a really strange issue. I'm upgrading my cpu, ram and mobo (parts list below). The ram and mobo upgrade went fine, but when I upgraded my cpu, the windows spinning dots start stuttering forever, and I can't boot.
  15. MSIUK Support

    Official MSI UK Technical Support Thread

    Dear OCUK forum members, As MSI UK, we are collaborating with OCUK to provide you better support for our products. This spectacular community is already doing a great job supporting each other and we are happy to contribute in any way we can! If you need any support from us, please feel free...
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