1. mrk

    Temp sensors on mobo - Naming sanity check

    I like to have everything organised and just realised the mobo manual actually shows the location of temp probes on my board (GB Z690 Gaming X) - I have drawn lines from HWINFO to those sensors, I am just unsure about system 1 and system 2 - Anyone know if this looks about right?
  2. Samaray

    Thermal Pads Specifications for ROG STRIX RTX 2080 8G OC

    Hello, I have an Asus ROG Strix-RTX2080-O8G-Gaming (it's the OC model) video card and recently it started becoming very noisy. It reaches temperatures of 74 to 75 deg C. I know they are not dangerous, but it makes too much noise. I tried different drivers, although I didn't have the problem...
  3. mrteabag59

    About to buy a 3080 spec, but has availability clouded judgement.

    Hi guys, Massive thanks for taking the time to skim this spec. I think it's ok, but have concerns like possible motherboard compatibility or thermal build up given it appears to be a mini case. Anyway the spec is...
  4. Cadder

    Meshify C (2020) Fans

    Hi all, I'm near the end of buying all the bits for my build. I've turned my attention to case fans now. All my components are in my sig. My priority is for a quiet PC. I don't want to hear it. From what I have read, this isn't likely to get very hot, there'll be some light gaming and CAD...
  5. lltfdaniel

    My thermal flask test thread.

    Hi to all, If you want to join in with the testing using whatever thermometer your welcome too will have to state what thermometer was used for testing and we will test every 6 hours up to 12 hours and preferably pre heat the flask with boiling water by fully filling up the flask for 2 minutes...
  6. setrixhd

    Why is my GPU thermal throttling? - (SOLVED)

    So ive been playing the new call of duty and i had noticed my GPU clock speed kept lowering itself as my FPS seemed awfully low than what it usually is. The GPU in question is a watercooled Aorus RTX 2080 super. It hits 77 degrees Celsius when playing a game and does not budge no matter how...
  7. Diddyant

    How To Clean Thermal Compound

    so simplify this, I got a new AIO cooler and I need to clean off my old compound from my CPU, I don't have any rubbing alcohol or anything like this. The nail polish remover I have is acetone free, can I use this. I know it's not ideal but would it do the job? I would prefer to get it done...
  8. Anas Rida

    Vega 64 power on without heatsink

    Hello, So I just bought a Vega 64 from eBay for a pretty cheap price. I want to use it in a custom loop so it didn't come with a heatsink. Also I wanted to save some cash on shipping and customs. Anyway the card came in, and now I want to test it. I'm wondering if anyone ever tried to power it...
  9. Componentgirl90

    Dropped graphics card + Thermal pad questions

    I was trying to replace the thermal paste of my GPU (MSI R9 270 OC) and removed the screws and it just came off in my hand and fell onto a wooden desk a about 10cm down, sounded quite loud. Do you think that will kill the RAM or some other component? Secondly a long white strip came off and...
  10. pete_agreatguy

    LT Cooling: Copper Shim, Thermal Pad or just Paste?

    Hi all, I need some laptop cooling advice. Brief Description of what's happened: My dad's Lenovo G710 laptop recently stopped working (specs and service manual link are at the end of this post). I've diagnosed the issue to be the nvidia graphics card needs reseating (or whatever the term...
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