1. Cadder

    Having Trouble Deleting and Moving Files

  2. stockhausen

    Transferring photos off an Android Mobile?

    Hi I have a Motorols G5S. I have many photos on it and I would like to transfer them to my Windows 10 PC. When I plug the phone into a USB port it is seen (as a device) by the PC. However, it doesn't show any folders or contents. I realise that this is because the file system is not...
  3. truewraith

    Whats Recommended allocation size on format of 4tb+ hdds ? (large files)

    hi, ive always used this option as default but i was wondering is it better to change this when transfering large files from drive to drive and dose it make it faster transfer? my hdds are mostly 4tb and 6tbs thanks for any info or advice on this :)
  4. leeu


    Can anyone help me please. I have a Nokia 1plus. The phone after 1 week is struggling with speed and storage. I put a sd card in to cure the problem. HOW DO I TRANSFER APPS AND FILES TO THE SD CARD?? nothing works and the card has been formatted.
  5. sullytm

    Data transfer speeds dramatically drop all the time

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. When copying files from a Sony XQD card to my PC I start off getting speeds of 2.4gb per second, then when the transfer gets to around 30% that speeds plummets to 24.mb per second and sits at that speed for the rest of the transfer. I’ve tried...
  6. vikki

    Cloned drive won't boot

    Hi Its been a while since I have been on here - hope you are all ok. So I am trying to transfer my system from a small 80g hard drive to either a 320g hard drive or a 500g hard drive to which I have ended up with 5 drives in my computer.... 2 data drives and 3 system drives however only the...
  7. Werewolf

    Cine to DVD/Blu-ray, good places to go? (Milton Keynes area)

    Hi I've done a google but I'd rather get some recommendations from real people, hence asking here:) I've got a 50+ year old 8mm cine film of my parents wedding* that I would like to get transferred directly to DVD or Blu-ray. Obviously given the sentimental value of this I don't want to send...
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