1. ron jeffreys

    need help with tube bending

    Hello nice people, i have just built a wall mounted system with 2 radiators, water cooled cpu, gpu, and mobo, my big problem is the bending of the petg 16mm od tube, so far i must have spent over 200 quid on tubing trying to get all the bends right, so i am asking is there anyone who lives near...
  2. embalse

    Best soft tubing / fittings compo thats available now

    Best soft tubing / fittings compo that's available now on OCUK. Any advice appreciated
  3. spongeblunt

    1/2" ID - 3/4 OD in 2020

    My 5930k has had a good life but it's starting to degrade and will only OC with Core 2 entirely disabled, so it's time to build - problem is my old rig is built with 1/2" - 3/4" flexi tube and that doesn't seem to be a widely-stocked standard anymore. Do you reckon there'll be an issue if I run...
  4. Illuminist

    Need help with custom loop. Just the tubing confuses me

    Hi there, I have a vega and will be buying the ek full water block for it, with a pump/res combo and a aplhacool 240mm radiator. I really need help as the tubing is confusing and also which is better of these 2 pump/res combos...
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