1. itm

    Scheduled sleep and wake for HP Microserver Gen8/Lubuntu 16.04?

    I have an HP Microserver which I'd like to schedule to go into sleep or hibernation at the same time each day, then automatically wake at the same time the following day. I've tried this command to check basic sleep/wake functionality, but it doesn't wake the machine as intended: sudo rtcwake -m...
  2. Ben97

    How to totally disable HDMI from carrying audio from NVIDIA GTX 1650?

    I'll start off by saying I use Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). Not sure if this will make a possible solution harder for some to suggest as i don't know how different the setup will be in windows. Due to the limited space i have, I only have a small monitor with one HDMI input and to keep things neat, I...
  3. softwaresimian

    Mini ITX Recommendataion for Ryzen 5900x

    Looking in the CPU channel I'm reading a lot of people having issues with Ryzen 5000 series CPU stability, temperature, constant BIOS updates etc I'm looking for a recommendation for a Mini ITX board to go with a 5900x. My selection criteria are: Stability Support for two M.2 slots (PCIe 4...
  4. HM999

    NVMe M.2 Cardea Zero Z440 on linux SLOW

    Got this Team Force Cardea Zero NVMe PCIe Gen4 drive, performance isn't what was promised. https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/cardea-zero-z440 They say write speeds of 4,400 but I am not even seeing half that. $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test1.img bs=1G count=10 ; rm /tmp/test*.img 10+0...
  5. mike_klg

    Fast startup though disabled fast startup...?

    Hi everyone. I am using dual boot Windows 10 & Ubuntu 18 on my Dell e7450 laptop. Each system has own disk partition: 150GB Disk C for Windows, 100GB Disk D for Linux, 250GB Disk E for Files which I want to use from both Windows and Linux. The problem is that Windows always has fast startup...
  6. MichaelCropper

    Stuck on Network Configuration when Installing Ubuntu Server?

    Not sure what I'm missing here, but when I am installing Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) the system can't seem to connect to the router, I keep getting the error message saying that no network has been found - Yet, the system is hard wired into the network and is showing up when I view...
  7. Frank Jeagar

    *SOVLED* CIFS Mounted Drive Not Showing All Folders Ubuntu 18.04

    Hey everyone, At work our we have Windows 10 machines that we use for general tasks and also SSH into our Ubuntu 18.04 VMs to do our heavu computational work. For some reason, certain folders within the drive are invisible on the VMs, but are definitely there. We can see them on Windows and we...
  8. himaro

    Home Server. Worth containerising?

    I've got a HP Prolight microserver Gen7. It's had a rather long history of OS's installed on it. Win Server 2008 R2, ESXI (hosting Win server 2008 R2 & Centos), Proxmox (ubuntu containers & fullfat OS). I've recently had my main LVM corrupt, taking with it my CCTV software and network storage...
  9. Infidelus

    Linux & Samba Permissions

    Hey all, I'm slowly migrating my home network to Linux and am currently trying to set up a file server. For my setup I'm using Ubuntu Server 16.04 with a ZFS RAIDZ pool and Samba (although I'm quite interested in NFS too). So far I've had intermittent success with the correct permissions...
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