1. jwilliamson47

    Is this expected blooming for a MiniLED monitor?

    Hello, I've been working my way through quite a few monitors this year, trying to find the most suitable option. Some time ago, I got an miniLED ultrawide from AOC which has an IPS panel and 1152 zones. Is the blooming in the game menus expected for an IPS MiniLED? I tried a VA with much...
  2. TeeEmDee

    Worth buying an AW3423DWF or waiting for new monitors?

    Hey all, I'm considering buying the AW3423DWF since I've never really splashed out on a fancy monitor before and I'd like an Ultrawide. Is it worth me going for this model (or any similar that you'd recommend?) or should I wait for the new Alienwares QD-OLEDs to release in January. I've got an...
  3. jwilliamson47

    Alienware DWF or Samsung Neo G7 for Mixed Usage?

    Hi, I'm currently thinking about buying a new monitor. Sold my old ultrawide because it was lacking compared to my CX55 and I couldn't put up with the contrast ratio. I've narrowed it down to the Alienware DWF/Samsung Neo G7. The DWF has a longer/better warranty but will probably not last as...
  4. jwilliamson47

    Has anyone tried/got any thoughts on the AOC AG344UXM?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has used this monitor: https://aoc.com/uk/gaming/products/monitors/ag344uxm. Seems a bit of an oddity being flat but the specs look decent if you need an ultrawide for gaming/work.
  5. Phixsator

    40" ultrawide, 3440x1440, IPS, 144hz, FLAT, and cheap.

    I just wanted to share what I found in my own search for an ultrawide. For those who are happy with the PPI of a 32" 1440p monitor but want that glorious ultrawide experience I've found 2 different brands offering a massive 40 inch ultrawide with a resolution that should be reasonable to drive...
  6. Dogtag19

    Looking for the following monitor if it exists

    Hi All, I have been browsing for a new monitor for a little while now and i cant quite seem to find what im looking for, or at least, the ones im seeing are not grabbing me enough to go, thats it. Could do with some suggestions/advice if possible. Price isnt really a concern. So im looking...
  7. jwilliamson47

    Graphics card for 3440x1440 144hz?

    Hi, I was wondering which graphics card to buy for 3440x1440 at up to 144hz. I know prices are beyond insanity but I've sold two gpus to fund a new purchase. I'm currently seeing the 6900xt in stock but very few 3080s. The 3080tis seem to be at least 500 more than the 6900xt. I could wait and...
  8. Supra_Hadouken

    LG Oled CX 48" Is An Incredible Ultrawide Experience And Here's Why

    Running this monitor at 3840x1600 is a 45" insane ultrawide experience, even better than my old Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ which was one of the best ultra-wides. You do not even notice the top and bottom of the screen being black as the pixels are off. To get HDR to work on custom resolutions, you...
  9. jwilliamson47

    3060Ti good enough for 3440x1440 at 60fps?

    Hi, I was wondering if the 3060Ti would be fine for 3440x1440 at 60fps.
  10. Gman123

    Monitor stock

    Hi, I am trying to buy a new monitor for my new pc. I am keen on a g-sync ultrawide and interested in the following monitors, but no stock anywhere and no details when stores will get these lg 34gp83a-b 34gn850 X34gs Alternatively I could go for dell aw3420dw, which looks low spec compared...
  11. lowers93

    iiyama GB3466WQSU owners, can you help?

    Hi all, i'll cut straight to the point then get into the background - if you own an iiyama GB3466WQSU please could you do the 30 second test described below (See "The Test" section) and report the results back to me? I am running out of ideas on what may be the cause of this issue and still...
  12. Kaboz

    4k working great, but ultrawide not?

    Gents, I'm in a very weird situation. 2 of my laptops (Windows and Mac) are working perfectly with 4k TV's but sub-par with ultrawide monitors. The ultrawide monitor is the Samsung C34f791, and I also tried with Samsung S34E790 and the results were the same (or slightly worse) Here's what I've...
  13. Christopher McClure

    Graphics cards for monitors help

    Hi there. I currently have a 2600x (ill upgrade middle of 2021 most likely) b450-f gaming, 16gb 3000mhz ram, 480gb ssd, 1tb external hdd, 1060 6gb. I am looking to see what the cheapest graphics cards would be suitable for each monitor setup. So i am planning to get an ultrawide monitor for...
  14. Christopher McClure

    What monitors would be ideal?

    Hey there. I currently have a 2600x and 1060 6gb. Its a new build but ill be upgrading the gpu once i get new monitors as the 1060 is just a stand in for now. I am looking to see what are good budget monitors. Looking for 1 ultrawide and 1 gaming monitor. The gaming monitor would be 144hz and...
  15. dave748

    Samsung Odyssey G9 - Firmware and advice

    First of all, this is NOT meant to be a bad review, it is just advice and help to get the best out of this product. If anything, aside from the small issues that are easily worked around with the info below, this is an amazing monitor that I highly recommend. So I recently received my new...
  16. Christopher McClure

    Need help deciding on an ultrawide

    Hi there. I am looking to get an ultrawide monitor, I will be saving up so anywhere between £200 and £400, the cheaper the better haha. I will be using it for productivity. I will be getting a gaming monitor later on that has 144hz or something similar. I currently have a 2600x with a 1060...
  17. Joshua Graham

    Best USB-C Ultrawide monitor under £500?

    What are the best USB-C Ultrawide (21:9) monitors which are under £500 (preferably less than £400)?
  18. markymoo

    Best Ultra Wide Instock for sub £1k?

    Hi people. I have some time off work coming up, so am wanting to know what ultrawide that is available to buy now would be peoples suggestion? I did have my head on the LG 34GN850-b, however this as been Preorder forever (it would seem) I currently have; i7 2600k (4.4ghz) Vega 56 OC to...
  19. Phixsator

    Short impressions of the Lenovo G34W-10

    Just my own 2 cents on this monitor as I picked it up a few days ago. Build quality was okay, with some minor grievances like lower front panel not being 100% in place. Minimal Freesync brightness flicker, only just noticeable during some loads screen and only very faint. The monitor was in...
  20. Hypermale

    R9 390 at 3440x1440 144 Hz

    I have just bought a new 3440 x 1440 ultrawide monitor capable of 144 Hz (AOC 34CU2GX/BK) and I have hooked it up to my PC, via a display port cable, running a Radeon R9 390. Despite much trying and searching the internet, I can't seem to get windows 10 to output at 144 Hz; in windows settings I...
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