1. eagleuk

    Best reasonably priced upscaler for a Sega Megadrive / N64?

    Hi guys, I'm after some form of HDMI upscaler for a Sega Megadrive ( gen 1 ) and a N64. They look pretty poor on my TVs and I'm after something ideally sub £60-70. I'd be open to HDMI modding myself but seems that's even more expensive. Couldn't find anything much decent secondhand, so if...
  2. mattius1989

    Letting my Pioneer LX5090 upscale vs. PS3

    I've been reading a lot into the quality of the scaler in my LX5090 and have been trying to figure out how to get it to do the work instead of my PS3 slim (latest firmware). All of my resolution outputs are ticked and when I turn off the PS3 upscaler option, I can get it to send 576p when...
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