1. joeryan

    Bathroom radiator adjustment

    Hey I’ve got a bathroom radiator that never gets that hot, I’ve ensured it’s bled etc. What I want to do is to turn the lock shield side up a little, as I think it might be closed. Looking at the radiator, it’s not your standard turntable lockshield... any ideas how this would be adjusted?
  2. Lionhart27

    Pimax Vision 8K X

    Very interested to see developments of VR over the course of time. On YouTube you can see side by side comparisons with the Pimax Vision 8K X with Oculus, HP, and Valve VR headsets. The difference is stunning to say the least, the main difference is the FOV at a whopping 200 degrees, compared...
  3. Kei

    Scratch build valve power amps

    Something a little different from the usual pc builds. I've been trying to get both the time and effort to scratch build my own power amplifier for nearly a decade. Originally, I had planned on building a clone of a Quad 606, but owning and tinkering with 12 different solid state amplifiers, it...
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