1. Quartz

    What now for VMWare? What now for virtualisation?

    Massive price increases, apparently. Some of the comments are quite alarming saying that there have been massive layoffs and many developers gone. So, what are you server wranglers going to do if the price hikes stick?
  2. itm

    Is HP Microserver Gen10 a suitable ESXi host for these requirements?

    I want to consolidate a couple of my home servers into an ESXi (free edition) host. I've been looking at an HP Microserver Gen10 as I already have a Gen8 and I really like the form factor (I'm looking for something with a lot of drive bays which can easily be moved up and down to my attic, which...
  3. itm

    Windows Server 2008 VM shared drives and VNC client access no longer available on LAN

    I run a Windows Server 2008 VM on an ESXi 6.5 host. I have 2 drives shared, with read access for Everyone on the LAN. This share has been working fine for a few years. I also have VNC server installed, for access from VNC clients on the LAN. Both have been working fine for years. Today I...
  4. Fido McNasty

    Render farm set up (vmware vs dedicated standalone_

    Hello all, Been a while. Right, I have a bit of a situation at work. I am the sole CGI Artist for a largish furniture manufacturing company. I use 3ds Max and render outputs are frequent which of course mandates render farm usage. The question is not whether to have a farm or not, that's just a...
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