water damage

  1. LewisN2


    ok guys so i need your opinion on something i bought a EK D5 pump second hand and the person who i bought it off re crimped the cable so it goes directly into the peripherals port on the PSU instead of via molex (pictured below) https://imgur.com/7bAZrnd https://imgur.com/4gIejFV i have an...
  2. tictaktoe333

    Antec AIO 360mm - anybody got one?

    So I can get an Antec AIO 360mm on a good deal.. Are Antec to be trusted? Don't want any leaks or a pump dying too quick! Cheers
  3. tictaktoe333

    Paranoid of water in a computer?

    I'm paranoid about getting a leak with water cooling, even with an AIO. But what are the chance of actually getting a leak with an AIO? Or custom water cooling? I currently have one of Noctua's biggest coolers but wonder whether it is worth going for a 360 AIO? Finally are there any AIO brands...
  4. Ace Modder

    Electric issue

    Today I was working away at my PC, all of the sudden my electric went off. So I checked the trip switch box and the main curcuit have tripped, I flicked it up and boom... off again. So I thought what is causing it, so I started turning off the wall sockets. Then I walked into the living...
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