watercool custom loop hard-line tubing

  1. chris blackford

    q about fillport on EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Kinetic 300

    hi i have a EK Water Blocks EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM D-RGB Pump / Reservoir Combo - Plexi https://www.overclockers.co.uk/ek-water-blocks-ek-quantum-kinetic-tbe-300-d5-pwm-d-rgb-pump-reservoir-combo-plexi-wc-9wv-ek.html im thinking of getting a EK Water Blocks EK-RES X3 - Multiport...
  2. 5ketch


    Hi, I am currenty running a 3080ti FE with a corsair waterblock XG7 RGB using pre applied thermal paste and pads with 2 radiators cooling the GPU first in the loop. At idle my hotspot 70/71 and under heaven benchmark load it's at 104. From my little knowledge I know this is too high especially...
  3. ron jeffreys

    need help with tube bending

    Hello nice people, i have just built a wall mounted system with 2 radiators, water cooled cpu, gpu, and mobo, my big problem is the bending of the petg 16mm od tube, so far i must have spent over 200 quid on tubing trying to get all the bends right, so i am asking is there anyone who lives near...
  4. Connor2e

    Fill and drain ports

    Hi all, I recently put together my first water-cooling loop using the "ek water blocks ek-kit ht360 hard tubing performance watercooling kit" It never came with a drain or fill port. I am new so I was wondering what I should get as a compatible soft tubing port at the top of my loop to fill...
  5. Finley Giles

    16 Year Old Watercooled Mega Build

    Hello all, I'm 16 years old and decided I wanted a gaming / work pc. So the grueling task of looking at parts and comparing specifications started. I started to look into water cooling, this didn't take my fancy to start with but the more I looked into it the more desiring it became. I'm...
  6. Sofronis Neofytou

    High End Watercooled PC

    Hi all, for my first post here on Overclockers forums I wanted to show something special. I have been into building computers for the past 14 years, starting at the age of 12 as far as I remember with an old Q6600 processor which felt great at the time! So here are the specifications and some...
  7. ArtisanOVERKILL

    Project: CASCADE

    Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce my new build - Project Cascade. It will feature a custom cascade style waterfall reservoir. For the overall design I plan on using an inverted motherboard paired with brass chrome tubing to give it an industrial look. The parts will be specifically...
  8. Dave Worth

    Thermaltake Core X5 Hardline

    Hi guys i have just got myself a thermaltake core x5 case to do my hardline custom loop and havent a clue where to start so looking for some ideas of others that have done this. It is a huge case so im sure there plenty of options but would be nice to see a few to get a rough idea. Thanks.
  9. sizar

    Custom watercooling and deliding a cpu.

    Good morning guys. I have got a system 8700k with gtx 1080 ti.. Both cpu and Gpu water-cooled.. Custom hard tubing. Does anyone know any company who would redo my loop as some of the bend isn't exactly how I want it. Also anyone know of a place they could delid cpu for better cooling plus redo...
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