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10400f or go for a ryzen for gaming ?

22 Jun 2006
Just FYI: the H410/B460 motherboards will lock the memory speed at stock and some of them have weak VRMs that I wouldn't be keen sticking a 10 core on, if you plan to upgrade later.
26 Sep 2010
To be honest, there are too many variables and considerations to make when looking at current Intel CPUs and recent shenanigans. Yes, the 10400F is a great little chip for the money, but motherboards that are within a sensible price range for a budget chip have too many concessions on them: they're unlikely to have decent VRMs to support the bigger CPUs, they won't have overclocking ability (not that you'd want to overclock with weak VRMs anyway) and the memory speeds will be locked so you leave a lot of performance unused. Plus, you're unlikely to get a BIOS update to support Rocket Lake CPUs so no PCIe Gen 4, even if the board is capable of supporting it.

So essentially if you go for the 10400F you're building a system that can't realistically be upgraded. You don't get those limitations with Ryzen, although the outright Intel-beating CPUs are a chunk more expensive.

Frankly though, the whole "Intel is better at gaming than AMD" thing is largely overblown. Benchmarks may show superior frame rates with Intel vs Ryzen 3000, but in pretty much all cases if both CPUs are pushing 90+ FPS, what's the issue?

If you don't plan on actually upgrading then go for the 10400F, and if you can get a cheap Z490 board then do so because you can get your memory clocked to a proper level. You might even get lucky and give yourself an upgrade option on the CPU. Otherwise I'd be inclined to get a decent B550 board with a 3600X. That gives you PCIe Gen 4 right away and the ability to upgrade as far as a 5950X in the future.
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