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1070 TI Overclocks.

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by PaulCa, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. PaulCa


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    I'm wondering how the 1070 Ti owners have been doing with their overclocks.

    I have found I can get the boost clock as high as 2186Mhz (from memory around +260Mhz) and RAM as high as 4.7Ghz (around +650Mhz). However it does artifact badly with red blooms appearing randomly in TimeSpy Graphics Test 1 and the odd bit of tearing. However it does post a Time Spy result of 7969 combined. (CPU 2700X with both favourite cores at 4.35Ghz, second cores at 4.3Ghz and the remaining 4 cores at 4.2Ghz, 1.45V - I don't think this CPU OC will survive a Prime95 soak test though)

    When I try to go higher still on the GPU I either crash out or oddly the score comes down as I trigger the card 120% power limiter more often. I might have to try dropping the voltage limiter down to see if I can get the teasing 8000 score.

    With a Kraken G12 + Kraken X52 peak temps in running Time Spy was 43*C. Fur Mark of course takes that much higher to 53*C.

    My next task is to find the highest it will go without artifacting. I haven't quiet worked out if it's memory or core clock causing it. I first thought it was memory while running with +350Mhz on the RAM, but +340Mhz showed no artifacts. However 340Mhz and another 10Mhz on the core produces artifacts. It might be hard to track down if it's a combination of both.

    On a related note, does know how to set a custom fan curve on the GPU? The BIOS fan curve is rigged for silence, which only ramps the fans off idle at 60*C by which time the back plate is over 60*C and too hot. I have seen instability. The MSI afterburner default "Auto" mod is much better, but it runs the fan at 40% until 60*C which again results in high PCB temps on the card as the VRAM and VRMs are only fan cooled, no heatsinks. Games currently work fine with the Afterburner curve but I have to intervene on overclock stress tests.
  2. faheemrazzaq

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    Your temperatures look good. These artifacts indicate instability. You need to start dialing down OC a bit until the artifacts disappear.
  3. LuckyBenski

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    The fan speed slider in AB usually has a button alongside it saying "Custom" or similar. If that only switches it on/off, then the curve editor is in a dedicated tab in the settings menu. I want to say the third/middle one? I'm on a bus so can't check :)

    I found the highest boost clocks and the best 3Dmark scores came on my 1070 when I had a low voltage boost. I think my final best scores were with power limit at 100% and voltage at 0 or 50%, again I'll have to check when home. The power limit on Pascal is really the thing limiting these cards, once you overcome heat issues. Water doesn't seem to improve performance, only operating temperature.
  4. KungFuSpaghetti


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    I've got several profile in MSI AB setup for different games, as Overwatch does not like me clocking the memory or GPU core without crashing constantly, despite never going above 40 degrees! Pube G I use +225mhz on the core and +500/550mhz on the memory. GPU stays constantly boosted at 2126mhz, seems to top out there and just holds.
  5. PaulCa


    Joined: May 3, 2018

    Posts: 462

    I'll check this out. It defaults to 40% fan and it creeps up to about 50% at 50*C, which is fine.

    What I need more is a way to have that without running AB. Granted in Linux I do not run games yet, but the GPU is used to render HD video and I have seen it get fairly hot doing so.

    What I think will be easier is to remove the PCB fan on the G12 from the GPU control and control it separately from the thermistor on the GPU PCB instead. This will allow the GPU to control the rad fans, while I control a case fan and the PCB/VRM fan with a custom BIOS profile.

    This is helpful. I'll try and wind the voltage back and see if I can get the illusive 8000 score.

    I'll also see if I can find a stable artefact free OC.

    However to be honest in Far Cry 5 without an overclock and sliders maxed I was seeing 60FPS with around 95% GPU utilisation. Assasin's Creed Origins is bouncing in and out of 100% dropping to 47FPS without overclock. Still perfectly acceptible to me.